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My World.

Written:Seye Adenle

My world,
Not pinky as u think.
I have mould
in glossy realm.

Yes I,had mould
and creates
In glossy realms of life.

In grey seasons,
I had wore giant truths
In circle of brains that loots

I had tendered many shoes
On the path to purchase truth,
I took Many juice.

All in my world
It did Happened
Yes,in my world
I’m in between many walls.


Picture by Tope A Asokere

IMOLE! (Light)

written:Seye Adenle

like a salt,
you pierce through my soul
flavor my yearnings
make me desire the sea for a home.

days fortune desert me,
you creates within me hope
you are the spirit i sees not,
you are the hand,
leading me to the green field

the inner energy
that keep me strong
in midst of fitful lakes.

I can draw from the depth of my well
i could design joy in any form,
turn tornadoes into a single rainbow

as long as you keep sparkling within me
you are my light
and the path i chose to see me through.

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Written: Seye Adenle
Model: Yewande Afonja

Eleyinju ege
say yes
There may not be other time
So,consider my request.

Delay would weary me inside
Follow me to see maami
She had longed to see the face
Could make her son
enjoy meal outside.

I had looked carefully
round the city
Iwo ni kan ni obinrin na
Whose talk
could arose my feelings

Do you know
Your beauty is what compelled me
To salivate
For the phrase call love?

The virgin noon I met you
Your scent burns away my inner troubles
I was thinking you sell perfumes
Not until I realized,
It was your presence
That almost turn me to a fool.

Be the pool,the waters and stream
I shall love to dive inside daily
Gbo ohun ti mo n wi
It’s you alone I chose
to swallow my big thing
With me,
You I’ll learn many things
Including how to be the real you.

My attention to you is insured
At the thick of the night,
In my room with you ololufe !
You can’t, but moan my name
Count on me always
I’ll be there to drill you deep.

For your sake,
I would pray
the weather to change its dance
So we can produce sweats
That’ Ll wash away all our pains.

Eni bi okan mi,
Your smile is all that
Gives me a perfect feeling
Your tears would only make me weak
I need you alone by my side
To kill
arrays of lusts that floats
Around me

Tele MI kalo mo ile wa
I want to enjoy
And go through life’s journey with you
I won’t be tired to write you poems…


Eleyinju ege:one with a seductive eyes
Amope: A Yoruba feminine name
Ololufe: lover
Iwo no kan no obinrin na:You’re the only woman
Gbo ohun ti no n wi:listen to what i’m saying
Eni bi okan mi:one with my kind of heart
Tele MI kalo no ile wa:follow me to our house.




Anyim Mobuchi Noble
Comfort Agbebaku
Talking Pen Bamidele
Adewunmi Damilare Aremo Jah

Omoge yaba!

Beautiful Yaba Girl(BYG) season 1

Written: Seye Adenle

Model:Yewande Afonja

That afternoon; exactly 2:30 pm she just highlighted from one of Lagos commercial city bus going to oyigbo at Alagomeji bus stop.

I,on the other side,
was looking for where to buy recharge card
to call clients who have booked me for a job I had long be expecting when she passed by.

Her back was just too heavy for even a clergy to ignore.
The more many eyes descended on her the more ,the rhythmic effort of her high hill keep making her waist dance comfortably.


I was mesmerized by her appearance,So i asked myself who could she be? I looked around,there was no one to give answer to my question.

So I asked myself another question -why couldn’t I go and ask her myself or have I suddenly become so timid that I can’t even stop a girl to know her name?

This is temptation,remember sey na work you find come yaba ooo

(I cautioned myself,but my legs couldn’t stop me from following her)

All die na die!
This girl too fine like a well blended egusi soup
I wouldn’t mind to taste or at least perceive the aroma

(She stopped for a while)

Excuse me,
I’m sorry for stopping you under this scorching sun
my name is IFE Dayo ,a professional painter and interior decorator

I just want to let you know I couldn’t take my eyes off you

(She asked)

It’s simply because you’re too beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind to be your friend and if you could at least allow me to know you more,

I’ll paint your life with fascinating colours and your world would be highly decorated with joy,peace and dollops of sweet love.

(She responded)

Thank you I can see you’re an orator, I admire your oratory,but not in this mood, not even this time.

I need no one to tell me that,even God knows that I’m beautiful, and very expensive. To be my friend it’s very simple at this time complex.

What’s so complex and special in becoming a friend with someone of your calibre?

How do you explain someone of my calibre ?
She asked?

girls of your class i mean your type

The girl of my type ride on many sticks to sort our bills.
we rolled with the top guys
As long as you’re ready to cash out you’ll definitely catch us.

I don’t understand you friend
( I responded)

Who be your friend or you lost road
You no dey look face?
She shouted)

I believe we could still meet some other times again
Please do not embarrassed me publicly I’m a responsible fellow.

She smiled)
I mean no disrespect too,we are both responsible fellow citizens, just tell me wetin you want rather than rendering poetry this sun is too much,why don’t we go into the nearby eatery close the filling station to talk better

(Ife Dayo responded)

Do not worry maybe some other time but, could you please share me your contact


(She collected his phone and typed the number herself)

What should I save it with?
Ife Dayo asked)

Save it with Salewa

Alright bye

And the bobo no bad ooo,he is cute though
Only that he said he is a painter, I’m not sure I’m ready to fall in love with anybody this time around.

Body still dey sweet me
Said salewa after ife Dayo had left)

What next?

See you next time on another episode of “Omoge Yaba”

(C)Seye Adenle


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Written: Seye Adenle

Many tales of you,
Ushered my legs to path of faith
That with this pen,
I’ll scale through.

Your fame is becoming a fantasy
How long,
Should thou continue to be a mystery

While I crave for your presence
To bid me a decent sanctuary.

Pot of gold!
Tell me when you would come
For your sake,
I had rendered many plea unto God.

I earnestly needs you
To paint many weary dreams a rainbow
And spread across like winds.
To empty bellies seeking for a munch.

Pot of Gold,
I don’t want to dream of you like a fool
Who kills to kiss
For he thinks you’re a spirit.

Gently like a Queen,
Please come in
My heart is spacious to receives
Good tidings that comes with thee.




Written: Seye Adenle

This piece,
is simply for you
Your eyes mixed with diverse inks,
But you made it through.

Like a new page,
Welcome to another phase,
Like a new lane,
Prepare to beat another race.

Rejoice for deaths you shamed
Be happy and feel good
Remember the traps you escaped.

It’s a new year!
Get another wear,
Pocket past mistakes
Leave negative vibes at bay
Awake your sense to pray
On your adventure to a new age.

It’s a Worthy chance to exist
Dwell on this brother,
A new grace you see,
Beyond sitting down to chill.

Go down on your kneel
Face to face before your maker
Brew a new light,
Be sure it shine above the stars

Handle this path zealously,
Souls beneath six
Can’t think of jealousy.

Forget accolades that wraps you,
Success that eulogized you,
Neither slander that breaks you
Sneers that make you feel
You ain’t a perfect being

Consider hope,
And future
that comes with living.

Be ready to write new history

It’s a new year.


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Let me

Written: Seye Adenle

Be the thing dearest to you

Than life itself.

Honour me,

I’ll be the light in your sky


Your gaze can pave a path

to my dream land.

I’ll tell you stories that will shatter darkness

Do not worry,

I promise

you will never be lonely.

I could be the moon

in your night.

Be my wife,

I’ll show you why.


Let me be your hero

and the song

You would always think of

Let me…